Bringing Horse and Rider Together

Allaway Equestrian Center , founded in 2008, is a full service training and sales barn. After three years of trying to find a niche we have come to the realization that there are way too many good horses out there going to slaughter every week. We have tried to be a full service boarding and lesson barn but that just didn't fit in with our life style or personal jobs. We have tried just about everything to make this farm work and finally realized that we needed to do something about all  the great horses that are sold to slaughter. So we revamped our boarding and lessons barn to a full service training and rehab facility. WE STRIVE TO BRING HORSE AND RIDER TOGETHER! So whether it is the poor lonely horse in the back of the kill pen that has the kindest eye and that is crying out for help or the horse just down the road that the owners no longer want, we do our best to rehabilitate, or retrain and find the perfect home at a decent price. This is not a non profit we do all of this with our hard earned money and a lot of sweat and tears. We have put our heart and soul into saving horses from an untimely fate! We strive to be fair and honest about the horses that will be sold or rehomed, we ARE NOT horse traders. You will get the utmost care and respect from us, we try to build lasting friendships with the people who buy horses from us so we can hear about the great progress and success stories about the wonderful horses that we sell or adopt out!